Following the Ketogenic Diet with a Hawaiian Palate

Eating Keto Post-Funeral

Japanese people in Hawaii will know what I’m talking about when I mention “funeral food” in Hawaii. Whenever you go to a service in Honolulu, it’s usually at Hosoi or some other funeral home in town, and after the service, everybody goes to the side area to eat catered food. There will be maki sushi and nishime and noodles and tempura and some kind of teriyaki meat.

Today was no different, and the food today was catered by Natsunoya, so naturally it all looked (and tasted) insanely good. Sadly, I couldn’t eat most of it, but it did make me realize just how much Japanese food relies on starches and sugar.

Obviously I could eat the meats, but the chicken, salmon, and steak were all in a sweet sauce. That said, I was fairly confident that eating a piece of fish or some steak with a bit of sauce stuck to it wasn’t going to knock me out of ketosis, so I ate them anyway and just made sure I picked unsaucy pieces.

Natsunoya Catering Food

This is the meat plate of leftovers I brought home. It’s really cold and rainy tonight, so I’m making some chicken broth with butter melted in along with some collagen powder to warm me up and help me get some fats in, with maybe a few pieces of steak and chicken. I’ve been finding lately that I have a hard time reaching my fat macro, and I’ve had to rely on fat bombs quite a few days just to get my percentages right while still eating the right amount of calories. I know some people don’t like to keep track, but keeping data on how I eat is how I’m training myself to know what’s best.

This week, I’m going to try implementing a carb-up, something that Leanne Vogel says can be good for women plateauing. That’s one reason for me wanting to try it, but really I just want to have a night where I don’t have to feel bad about wanting to eat something that’s not really bad for you, like a bowl of chacha rice, an ume musubi, somen salad, or a mango.

Plus, the pirie mangoes on our tree are about the size of my fist, so they’ll be ready to eat in maybe a month. Carb-ups would be a really great way for me to stay on keto while still getting to eat mangoes from the yard.

Crystal is a 38-year-old wife and mom to three. She is a freelance editor for independent fiction authors and the co-author of the Yum-Yum Bento Box cookbooks. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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